Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Record Counter Canon with a VCR!

Want to listen to Counter Canon but can't because you're asleep or not near a radio? Why not plug your radio into your VCR and program it to record?

If you have an older stereo set up, it's likely that you have a stand alone radio tuner. If it RCA out (red and white plugs) that go into an amp, simply plug them into your VCR input.

Program the VCR to record from about 11.55 pm to 1.05am on Radio Adealide 101.5fm on alternative friday nights.

Leave your tuner on before going out or to to bed and you can listen to Counter Canon for breakfast the next day!


Leave comments if any of these instructions are unclear and use this handy calander to help you know then the show is on (we go to air at midnight on the red days)


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