Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Australia Day

I mixed a band on Australia Day, actually, I mixed three. The venue had a huge Australian Flag hung above the stage and it started me thinking. Sure we have things to be proud about, but they seam like frivolous or coincidental things. We know how to have a good time, BBQs, beaches, sun and then my list goes blank. Have i just summed up all that makes Australia unique? Need i point out that many other places have these things?

The environment is choking.
Happy salt pan day.
Celebrate complacency with an Australian flag day.

The real uniqueness of Australia lies in its conservative collectiveness. In its sensationalist press, chequebook journalism and trials by media.

Sun-burnt land, now that's getting closer to the mark. The land of depleted ozone and melanoma.

Self proclaimed vanity day.
Get pissed and wave the flag day.
Fuck you if you don't agree that Australia's great day.
Listen to what yobos say because they say the same things and they say it louder day.

Yes okay, lets enjoy the day off but who are we kidding? Lets not pretend we're achieving anything too significant. Lets not flatter ourselves too much.

Most of us are off all right day.
If the weathers nice we spend it outside day.
I'm glad I'm not at the factory/office day.
If its hot lets go swimming day.
If its not lets get together and drink anyway
We couldn't care less, but thanks for the holiday.


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