Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Been some time

These hot nights in Adelaide are no good for sleeping. I'm normally excellent at it (in any conditions), but at the moment I'm staying up late and sweating in front of the computer instead. So much has happened recently since i last posted that it seems silly to reel them all off now, but I'll try.

I made a score for a film. The film was Que Viva Mexico, by Sergei Eisenstein. Now that I've had time to think about things, it was an exercise in economy for me: high output with limited polish on my part. It was a huge undertaking and it still surprises me that I got it finished! That’s not to say it was bad, its not, but I know what I would have done with the extra time. It took three months from all up. Thanks to all involved, I could never have done it alone.

I finished the certificate in music technology and passed! Well, it was no surprise really, but a few subjects did get a bit wobbly at the end. *Ahem*, Keyboard and Aural. I did make a great friend in Jodie O'Regan though, and she’s a genius - which more than compensates. More recently I received word that RMIT have accepted my application to study sound with them and I'm quietly excited about it... the real stuff won't hit me until i'm there. I have to be in Melbourne by the 19th of Feb to start!

It’s sad to leave Adelaide, my pond for the last 11 years. I will miss lots of people but I don’t regret a second of it.


Blogger Jodie O'Regan said...

Marco. Was just thinking about you possum! How the Schultz building wont feel the same without you in it! Anywho, also thinking the 21st century has enabled interstate collaboration for us - It might be much easier for us to write music together, than meet for coffee, over a distance of 800 klms. Proposing a model like our incredible piece from last year - You write the sound, I write the vocals - and then instead of performing live - I send you a recording. You do something phenomenal to put them together. Tada. What do you think?

Oh yeah. You did great with the film. It was excellent. And a tribute to you that you got it done under such an extraordinary time frame/budget. Not only that, but other film scores are porous, whereas you had to through compose for the entire length of the film.
you are such a star. Grats

January 18, 2007 12:06 PM  

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