Monday, June 19, 2006

A gig #001

So it's pretty much uni holidays for me, which means that now i have some time to write. I've been back mixing at the Lizard Lounge for a few weeks now, and boy is it good to be back. So good i quit my other job! Ha ha... Anyway, i was mixing a very strange evening the other night. A young band called Goonslag (possibly the most offenisive name in Adealide at the moment) turned up to kick the night off in the small room. They fiddled with their instruments for atleast 15 mins after i'd finished checking them. They should have kept quite and burst on later because it drove people away. Perhaps I should have told them?

Anyway, I pop behind the bar, as i do, and serve a few drinks. By the time its time, the guitarist is drinking his second jug of beer out of the jug and i've noticed he has done some pretty black highlights on the veins in his arm. The Singer has done a clark kent somewhere and is wearing a white miny the moocher suit which, combined with glass of white, shows a stunning amount of forthought on his behalf. I had to ruin it though because the wine came from a bottle.

They played and i had to put in ear plugs. Noisy young music, a bit dark and showy is how I'd describe it, not my thing right now. They certainly put enough thought into their appearance. I saw some parental types around, jaws almost on the ground, looking horrified.

I didn't see them agian until the the next band, Satim Harem, who i quite like. I'm starting to get to know their songs now, which is a new thing. A lot of the time i just filter out bands as noise when i'm at work. The Goonslag boys were moshing away. Execpt it's not really a mosh pit, just a space vacated by people escaping violence.

Later Ventolin played, which i liked very much. In the other room, which is cavernous, a rather large Metal show was banging away. Blood Mason played and I watched as much as i could, they are awesome - good players with excellent songs. I don't know which kind of metal they are but i saw hands raised and fist pumping in the best possible way, a la Metal Glory, not Facist Rally. You have to laugh and appreciate it at the same time.


Blogger Jodie O'Regan said...

Congratulations on quitting your job. you rock!

June 25, 2006 8:48 PM  

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