Thursday, March 01, 2007


So I’ve been in Melbourne almost two months now and haven’t posted anything. I’ve tried to publish a number of times and I’m beginning to see a trend: Things have been up and down, but seem to be getting better. Kate and I are living in Brunswick in a house that costs too much, but was all we could get at the time. We kind of panicked and were happy to take anything. Luckily, and despite the price, the house and location are growing on us quickly.

On the music front I saw an awesome band called Front of Van, there’s no point in describing them. It was at a party and I’m keen to see more. I even asked them if they needed a bass player but got no real response. The drummer was really creative, but not in the Tony Buck way, whom I also got to see recently, along with the Pateras, Baxter, Brown Trio at the Empress Hotel a couple of Sundays ago. Tony Buck was excellent, I’m not sure I need to see the PBB trio again too soon (maybe a different venue would bring something better out of them).

Last night I went to see a performance at Conical Gallery called the Glass Percussion Project. It was… nice. Sorry, just didn’t engage. It tried to be a performance and exhibition at the same time and the result was a forced tinkly affair. It’s a great medium and can make interesting sounds, unfortunately, when the bulk of said interesting sounds come from computer processing, the spell was kind of broken for me. Anyway, I hear it’s an ongoing project so I expect things will change. Personally, I’d like to see more people playing. Instead of one person playing cumulatively to the performances of the night before, I’d would have liked to an ensemble of players.

Some final thoughts before I leave. Synesthesia is closing down, where are we going to get music now? Good luck to Mark, who, even though I didn’t know very well, was a portal for some of the best music I’ve heard. Finally, I miss everyone in Adelaide. I hope you're well.


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