Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Latest

So much stuff has happened these holidays. Ash's house on Hindley st. has disintegrated and with it 101 Damnations. I've actually been plotting the movement of the rubbish/milkcrates/otherthings from the front door as they move out of town. At the last sighting, Luke's red transport bike had made it to the squiggly sculpture on Light Square.

The Australiasian Computer Music Conference was held right here in Adelaide and I was able to attend as a volunteer. It was a bit hit and miss for me, not many artists but there is definitely something interesting in amongst it all. I did meet Ross Bencia though, which was great and I was able to purchase the registration for Audio Mulch off him. Such a rare thing when you can actually meet someone who makes innovative software and they're a good person living in Melb.

The Amazing Dean Roberts flew threw town and I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Exeter by complete accident. After a wonderful gig there he certainly poked ears at the ACMC offsite gig the next day. "Was that loud?" He asked me. "Yes," I said laughing. And it was, though it wasn't loud enough for the deviants at the back My best friend was in town from Sydney, and gave me employment for two days on a corporate video. The video's purpose: to explain just exactly what the company does to the corporate board, who apparently have no understanding or inclination to check it out for themselves. I don't mind though, and as a result there may be some actual musical work for me as a result with this company. I also turned 23 very quietly and had a stealthy birthday meal at Ky Chow - awesome.

Anyway, here is the first piece of music I've managed to put on this blog. Much thanks to Poppy! It's my take on a serial composition (which is basically a very strict way to write gibberish) and it's written for drum machine and reverb software. Feedback is welcome.


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