Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh my, a link to the past

In a former incarnation of the Lizard Lounge, i used to run an open mic night called Free Speech. It was a happy little venue. The carpets were perpetually damp and when we left it had mushrooms growing in it... To be short, it was the perfect place for such bohemian activities. The interviewer was a friend, he spells my name wrong and I sound a little twaty, but still, it looks very professional!

Or you can even look at the old web page which I stopped updating a long time ago. Someone told me that I should update it, and from a business point of view they would be right. But then again no one ever visited it and I like the idea of this static, out of date web page which shows just about the precise moment when the Lizard's star began to fall. Incidentally the police still have charges related to the venue, but prefer to continually delay the matter before the court so that Lauren (the owner) has to keep paying for legal support. I suspect they're trying to bleed her dry.


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