Friday, December 08, 2006

Que Viva Mexco finished!

It's strange feeling having completed this project. Its not actually over really, because its yet to screen... but there is nothing else i can do to it now. Can't tinker with it, or make a last minute change. It seems so long ago that the deadline for the application was upon me and I was saying to myself what a waste of time it would be to apply. It would take me all day to write up something decent, and then I probably wouldn't get it. How wrong I was…

Now the score is almost completely mixed, but I still haven't really had the chance to watch it all in one sitting. The screening on Thursday will be a new experience for both me and the audience! The wait is torturing me. I'm very proud of the score but feel anxious about showing it to so many people. Not much i can do about that though...

I couldn’t have done this one my own. I would like to thank:

Jodie O'Regan, for helping me to understand harmony.
Los Trio Latino, for their performance and permission to use the music in the film
Eddy Omonte, for letting me record him and trusting a strange asian man with a big moustache.
Lara Soulio, for the space and help in recording Los Trio Latino.
Carolina Sabrinksy and Lucy West-Sobles for the violin and accordion with extra thanks for lending me the
Martin Zub at Tracks Audio for the mastering help.
Tyrrel Blackburn, for for the SFX
René Ramos, for blasting out MIDI files online and giving me permission to use one :
The Free Sound project:
In particular reinsamba, a member and german biology teacher/sound collector who holidays in South America and does a lot of recording!
Banda Filarmónica Municipal De Totontepec Villa De Morelos Mixe, Oaxica, for the music where i could think of none, particularly José Romuló Reyes for Días de Risueño.
Ross Bencia for Audio Mulch
Jon Dale, Stephen Whittington, Christian Haynes, David Harris and Radio Adelaide 101.5fm
Finally, Kate Greenwood, without whom I would never have applied in the first place.