Friday, March 07, 2008

Live Feeding

How far things have come since OnePlusTwo!

Since the last post, a group of us have started an audiovisual collective called stream. We have been putting our efforts towards our first event, which we pulled off on Wednesday night. Its hard at the moment to describe the evening meaningfully but know that it went well. Whether or not it was the free food we may never know but, as one of my lecturers observed 'they came and stayed for the art'.

It looks like a good start for us. The program for the year (at this stage) includes a screening curated by OtherFilm, our friends in Qld, a live score at a yet to be announced location (the film will be "Night of the living Dead from 1968) and a Live AV workshop day or series. For more info or if your interested in getting involved go here.

The photo above here were taken by the omnipresent Dan Murphy - to see more of his LiveFeeding photos (and photography generally) click here. For other photos, video, music as it comesand also